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Call transfer

Our call transfer feature in cloud hosted business phone systems enables you to redirect a customer call from a phone number to another team member.

Conference calls

This feature is used to convert a two- way phone call into group calls by adding more users.

Call queuing

This feature helps to place an incoming call on queue when the concerned person is on call with another customer.

Team collaboration

Helps to manage all customer calls, agents, and team members with a centralized management system.

Call analytics

With call analytics you can monitor telephone support through various parameters.

On-hold music

Customized music for callers when they are on hold.
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Your business managed virtually
With business VoIP solutions you can transform your business into a mobile office. All your business applications, collaboration tools and devices are managed in one place.
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Connect with virtual teams - Business VoIP providers
Easily connect with virtual teams and offices
Get a unified communication system for remote workers and offices. Hassle free and flexible workforce management.
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Reduce communication costs - Business VoIP providers UK
Reduce communication costs
Switching to business VoIP can reduce your monthly telephone bills and maintenance charges, giving much better value for money.
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Easily integrate - business VoIP providers UK
Integrate with business applications
Business VoIP systems can be easily integrated with other business applications to increase productivity and customer service.
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