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Ever Thought of having International Presence for your Business?

Here's where Virtual numbers come into play. Eventhough we live in a technology rich world offering various modes of communications, telephone calls still are an integral part of businesses. Virtual numbers let on business to happen from anywhere in the world

How VOIP Phone System Works

Virtual number benefits

Local Presence

Getting close to customers is the vital part in every business. Customers mostly tend to call a local number if present. Also, the customers will feel more comfortable if they can reach you by dialling a local number.

Custom Call Routing

Route your calls easily to your Support Team or Play a greeting message, set up an IVR or even direct to Voicemail.

Out of Office Management

With Virtual numbers, you can effectively manage out of office hours. You could play a message, redirect to another available number and more. Also, by checking the call logs you could call them back in the next working hours.